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7 Jul 2015

Congrats to Carmen Fisher who received the Garantors of the Brain grant to attend 2015 ECVP Converence in Liverpool!

28 May 2015

Congrats to Katy Unwin for obtaining a fully funded PhD position at Cardiff University!

Congrats to Daniel King for obtaining a scholarship to do a master at the University of Birmingham!

Good luck, we'll miss you!!

14 May 2015

Congrats to Daniel King who received the Best Presenter prize at the 3rd year Psychology Poster Showcase event at UEA!

13 April 2015

Irene won the UEA Student Union Most Inspiring Teaching Award 2015!
(Teaching which inspires students to get involved in their education, either through student representation or through shaping their own learning and their degree)

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25 February 2015

Paper accepted in Multisensory Research!
I.Sperandio, P.A.Chouinard
"The mechanisms of size constancy".

24 February 2015

Irene is giving an invited talk at the UCL (University College of London) entitled "Why do things look as they do? The neural substrates of size constancy"

Click here to read the abstract

23 September 2014

Paper accepted in Psychological Science!
J. Chen, I.Sperandio, M.A. Goodale
"Differences in the effects of crowding on size perception and grip scaling in densely cluttered 3D scenes".

6 September 2014

Welcome to Mr Yuichiro Kikuno from Kyoto University. Yuichiro visits the lab and presents his research findings to the School this week.

30 June 2014

Welcome to Daniel King who joins the lab for 10 weeks as an intern student.

16-21 May 2014

Irene presented a poster at the VSS (Vision Science Society) in Florida entitled "Electrophysiological correlates of size constancy" (I.Sperandio, J. Chen, M.A. Goodale)

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14 May 2014

Congrats to Katy Unwin who received the 'best poster' prize at the 3rd year psychology poster showcase event at UEA!

12 March 2014

Dr. Martin Doherty and I have recently obtained the Sasakawa Foundation Grant. This will support Yuichiro Kikuno (Kyoto University) to visit the University of East Anglia in September to start a collaboration with us.

Sasakawa Foundation Grant